Hijab Organization Tips

crIf you’re a hijabi or just a scarf collector, chances are you have a LOT of scarves! And if you have a lot of scarves or hijabs, you might be struggling with how to organize them all.

Over the years I’ve been a hijabi, I’ve accumulated a lot of scarves. Originally, I began by rolling them up and putting them in a drawer. But as I bought more hijabs, I ran out of drawer space, and I realised my organization technique wasn’t conducive since rolling and unrolling my scarves was just too tedious.

So I began researching different ways to organize my scarves, and my, were there many!

Here, you’ll find a few different ideas on how to organize your hijabs. There are some ready-made solutions that can be found in stores and then there are some DIY solutions. So keep in mind your budget and how much time you have to devote to creating some of these solutions. Let’s get started!

1. Shelves

You can easily store your scarves in the shelving units you already

Wearing High Heels

yuThe first pair you ever tried on was probably your mother’s, when she wasn’t looking. The first pair you ever owned was probably pink sequined. Chances are it was a gift that came with a boa, some gaudy fake jewels and some play make up. No doubt it was your favorite present. Nothing says big girl, glamorous—and yes, sexy—like wearing high heels.

Fast-forward to the mall this season. Watch the girl wobbling precariously as she shops in forward-thrusting heels. She believes that when she is wearing high heels, she appears smarter and more sophisticated, that her carriage is improved, and that she walks better. What a pity that her feet disagree!

 Shoes run rampant in books, calendars, and movie covers; they dangle in miniature precious metal versions from earlobes and chains. Their original purpose, to protect the feet and aid mobility, has changed. Now they’ve become a constant obsession in pop culture, none more than the majestic high heel. Women, young and old, choose to wear them, often at the expense of their own physical comfort. No matter what we say, we know you

Winter Hijab Styles

qwTrying to stay warm is never hard for a hijabi, especially with all the layers you usually have to don to keep covered. Layering up is perfect for the winter, especially with the frigid temperatures.

For some, wearing so many layers on our bodies is more than enough and so we tend to keep our hijab styles simple. But there are ways you can add some layers to your hijab to keep warm around your head and neck. Because, despite popular opinion, hijabis’ heads still feel cold in the Winter!

So layer up and add some variety to your winter hijab styles to keep cozy and cute.

Fur Stole

Fake fur, of course! Adding a fur stole to your outfit adds a level a sophistication and glamour that a regular scarf probably won’t. It’s thin enough so that it doesn’t drown your neck or face, yet also cozy enough to provide you with that extra warmth on those icy cold days.

Fur stoles look great with fancier outfits, since they aren’t bulky and are quite elegant. You can also drape them in different ways to changeview full post »