Hijab Organization Tips

crIf you’re a hijabi or just a scarf collector, chances are you have a LOT of scarves! And if you have a lot of scarves or hijabs, you might be struggling with how to organize them all.

Over the years I’ve been a hijabi, I’ve accumulated a lot of scarves. Originally, I began by rolling them up and putting them in a drawer. But as I bought more hijabs, I ran out of drawer space, and I realised my organization technique wasn’t conducive since rolling and unrolling my scarves was just too tedious.

So I began researching different ways to organize my scarves, and my, were there many!

Here, you’ll find a few different ideas on how to organize your hijabs. There are some ready-made solutions that can be found in stores and then there are some DIY solutions. So keep in mind your budget and how much time you have to devote to creating some of these solutions. Let’s get started!

1. Shelves

You can easily store your scarves in the shelving units you already

Wearing High Heels

yuThe first pair you ever tried on was probably your mother’s, when she wasn’t looking. The first pair you ever owned was probably pink sequined. Chances are it was a gift that came with a boa, some gaudy fake jewels and some play make up. No doubt it was your favorite present. Nothing says big girl, glamorous—and yes, sexy—like wearing high heels.

Fast-forward to the mall this season. Watch the girl wobbling precariously as she shops in forward-thrusting heels. She believes that when she is wearing high heels, she appears smarter and more sophisticated, that her carriage is improved, and that she walks better. What a pity that her feet disagree!

 Shoes run rampant in books, calendars, and movie covers; they dangle in miniature precious metal versions from earlobes and chains. Their original purpose, to protect the feet and aid mobility, has changed. Now they’ve become a constant obsession in pop culture, none more than the majestic high heel. Women, young and old, choose to wear them, often at the expense of their own physical comfort. No matter what we say, we know you

Winter Hijab Styles

qwTrying to stay warm is never hard for a hijabi, especially with all the layers you usually have to don to keep covered. Layering up is perfect for the winter, especially with the frigid temperatures.

For some, wearing so many layers on our bodies is more than enough and so we tend to keep our hijab styles simple. But there are ways you can add some layers to your hijab to keep warm around your head and neck. Because, despite popular opinion, hijabis’ heads still feel cold in the Winter!

So layer up and add some variety to your winter hijab styles to keep cozy and cute.

Fur Stole

Fake fur, of course! Adding a fur stole to your outfit adds a level a sophistication and glamour that a regular scarf probably won’t. It’s thin enough so that it doesn’t drown your neck or face, yet also cozy enough to provide you with that extra warmth on those icy cold days.

Fur stoles look great with fancier outfits, since they aren’t bulky and are quite elegant. You can also drape them in different ways to change

Choli Design of Bridal Wear

faisanLehanaga choli is such an important and acclaimed dress for young  women  since they require to wear this sort of dress on customary events .Like Eid, weddings, engagements then on .

In lehanga choli, lehanga is essentially the lower section of the dress means that the ghagra or the skirt .
While the choli alludes to the higher little bit of the dress like sweater .

  • Lehanga cholirequested online: 

In today’s method of life, because the world has clothed to be therefore fast  on these lines internet has given every individual the workplace to shop for things by sitting reception .Thus there are varied boutiques United Nations agency allow the purchasers to buy on-line by merely sound the dress they have and it’ll be there at their access venture in exactly in some unspecified time in the future .
In this method, currently the fashion business has clothed to be huge to the purpose that everyone are often profited by it .

  • Latest trends in Lehaga Choli:

Lehanga choli consists of totally different advancements .Our planners of Asian country style business are reliably there to form one thing new from the old style font .Primarily as Lehanga choli is that the archaic dress however the originators of our Asian country style business have fully modified the planning and elegance of this recent dress named “Lehanga Choli” .They do various varieties of cloth weaving, string weaving, mirror work and utilize distinctive varieties of gildings thereon to create it the pleasant dress .

  • Designing of Choli:

The choli design is basically composed overwhelming with varied pearl and breed fill in and additionally weave is likewise done thereon whereas the dupatta is  unbroken not all that substantial .In the event of

Summer collection Nail Designs 2016

This summer 2016 will be your memorable summer because here I have come with beautiful trending fashion nail designs for this hot summer of 2016. Summer is the best season for outing and as you outing means you need bundle of fashion with you. Fashion means designing of everything like covering your self with styles and other stuff. Now a days the most trending fashion is nail design, as you may see many ladies are having creative number of nail designs in your finger. So today I am going to unveil the top nail design that you can do this exotic hot summer.

As you can see lots of nails designs in your mates nail. I am sure that you too want to adopt some trending nail design to which your friends will say excellent and you can become the centre of attraction among your mates in your college, office or in school.  So today I have come for you to give you ideas of some best nail fashion that is trending in this summer. Hope you will love this designs of nails.

Nail Designs of 2016

Sprinkled nail designs: The pinky design of nails is looking very elegant and excellent. This

Luxury Fashion Designers Offer Creative Dresses

The style and fashion business sector is getting sultrier and more intelligent nowadays, bringing tremendous accumulations on various apparels, fashioner garments, satchels, adornments and other design stuffs. Presently, for easygoing social affairs, men and ladies have great number of alternatives identified with style and identity. It’s the desire to search for the most perfect that makes you to search for extravagance luxury fashion designers collection. During celebration and occasions, circumstances drive us to build up a decent impression in the minds of individuals around us that can be accomplice, relatives or partners in your organization.

With luxury fashion dresses, you can have a craving for driving towards the time of style. This system cheery time get everyone’s eyes itself while using inconceivable variety of social party and dress only like some of the renowned celebrities. Including perfect together with dazzling embellishments these kind of will make a critical lingering result in the midst of the mind and even inside from the get-together dresses passerby. Take a look into the web medium, you can get perfect shocking dresses in this coming New Year season that you essentially have interminably pined to buy. You can turn into a genuine diva and furthermore reveal

How to Buy Good Party Dresses for Women

This is the season of beautiful party dresses for ladies. Party dresses once chosen to fit your body and figure will reveal your skin tone. It will work wonders and will be a trendiest dress for any style of party.

Let’s begin by exploring numerous body varieties in ladies, hour glass form is that the most desired one because it provides an ideal female attractiveness, with broad shoulders and bust, slim waist and broad hips. The column or sheath party dresses for ladies of this body-build look fabulous. The colors are often a monolithic single dark or vivacious enticing shade complementing to the skin tone. Attire patterns may additionally sport latest elaborations and might be of any desired length; but, fashion specialists stress it to be striking a knee length or the thigh Party dresses for women.

Pear formed ladies have wider hips and slim shoulders and busts; their higher body has less fat accumulation compared to their lower body. The sheath or column dress or party robe could suit ladies with pear form provided the higher portion of the body is balanced well with a wrap or a cardigan that matches or enhances the party dress for women.

Top Fashion Tips From My Fashion Corner

If you are a lady in need of fashion clothing tips, as well as how to match women’s shoes with women’s clothing, you need to make contact with a top retailer of modern and classic fashion wear. This does not rule out the needs of men as well since one can get similar tips on the best men’s leather accessories in the land from one of the leading companies in this regard. Young women are, likewise, catered for by the fact that these days, fashion stores ensure that they have well stocked sections, which are specifically geared towards the provision of juniors’ apparel.

Irrespective of where you are, placing orders via the Internet, for women’s accessories such as belts, gloves, handbags, wallets, shawls and scarves. In addition to sunglasses, accessories for women include hats as well. It is not quite difficult to find fashion apparel online as well, which can be quite useful when seeking to come up with your own unique style. One of the latest fashion trends to have emerged is where women put on boots, high-heel shoes as well as sandals. These are available in a greater number, and more affordably, than was the case

Buy Baby First Walking Shoes

As parents, you have finally decided to buy the first ever pair of shoes for your little wonder who has just started walking. While it is okay to let them be barefoot in the house, it is not always advisable to do so when outside. Baby walking shoes are an important first step in helping them develop their feet balance and coordination. It will help them establish a firm ground when not walking barefoot. It will help shape their feet and at the same time protect them from any harmful substance on the ground.

Believe it or not, but shoes are the hardest to choose from. You can buy clothes and toys without worrying much, but shoes need to be given a lot of careful thought, as there are many things that you have to consider and understand before buying that first pair for your baby. Even your child doctor will suggest that baby walking shoes should be soft and flexible. Because a child’s feet are so soft, they need something that can support their feet without being too harsh on it. Good quality and soft materials are an important pre-requisite for these shoes.

Earlier parents did not give much importance to

Buy Flattering Silver Plated Jewelry To Adorn Your Timeless Beauty

Accentuating woman’s beauty since centuries, jewelry has been defined as any timeless ornament, prepared with advanced artistry and craftsmanship. From gorgeous engagement rings, stunning necklaces, designer earrings to flattering bracelets, the endless varieties of jewelry pieces play a massive role in adorning the beauty of a lady. Since time immemorial, sterling silver jewelry looks sophisticated and elegant. Silver, widely known for its shiny silver hue, is highly in demand in the present world. The modern designs and the versatility associated with it make silver the first choice of all modern girls. Fashionable with a modernistic flair, silver jewelry pieces are enjoying a revival due to the innovative and stunning designs.

In the present world, sterling silver jewelry has occupied a distinct place in the jewelry market. A switch from gold to silver is not only because of the soaring gold prices but also due to the gradually changing fashion trends. Best silver plated jewelry like necklaces, chains, anklets, earrings, and other accessories look extremely chic. As it matches well with all colors and outfits, there is no reason to create any fuss. Many artisans are coming up with new designs to steal the heart of modern girls. The wider choice of

Secret of Becoming Beautiful

People are born to love beautiful things, not just stuff but human beings. Men appreciate those beautiful ladies. Thus, it is common for females to struggle for beauty.

In the past, the environment around human beings was good. The water was clean, the air was fresh. People even had not idea about pollution. Thanks to the good environment, people could have healthy bodies. Female seemed to easily have natural beauty. And less of them did the skin care.

As is known to all, it is depended on the gene whether a person has a good-looking or not. That’s to say, people are born to be beautiful because of their parents. However, a man can’t keep beauty if he does nothing to maintain it.

In modern society, outer beauty has great impact on people’s life. It can be great advantage of a man who has a good-looking appearance. For example, a good-looking person can make easily make good impression to the interviewer. What’s more, some jobs are acquiring those who have good looking. Besides, people with good looking can easily make friends with others. And they sometimes can enjoy the privilege. If a good looking female is in need, she is more likely to

Top Black Evening For The Mother Of The Bride

Are you looking for some of the best wedding gowns and dresses to wear on the wedding day of your daughter? If yes then we have some of the best black mother of the bride evening dresses that will make you look class apart among other ladies at the wedding ceremony. Black is a universal color and it suits almost everyone in the world. Slim girls look astonishing in black dresses and even plus size girls and women can wear these black dresses if they are aiming to look little slimmer on the events like wedding ceremony and other formal and informal events. We have some of the unique mother of the bride evening dresses that will set your looks on fire and everyone will ask you reason behind your beauty and charm.


Black short dresses are one of the most classy and sexy dresses and almost every young girl and newly married lady prefer to wear these dresses on the events like wedding ceremony and prom night. At prom night girls love to wear short dresses so that they grab attention of the boys present at the party. Girls aiming to

Restyle Your Decor With Intensifying Linear Stripes

Showcase the beauty of vibrant colors layered in linear strands to make an interesting interplay of vertical stripes. Witness unmatched color gradation and variation of exquisite colors chosen from nature’s palette.

Feel an adrenaline rush as you encounter a fun fiesta of colors radiating highly illuminating light in your abode. Cover your room decor with a schematic use of vertical stripes to enhance your space layout. Strike a balance between the walls of your room and your bed sheet, as you try a contrast combination highlighting the beauty of both. Nothing expresses the comfort ability quotient of your home, other than your sacred haven, your personal space your “BED”. Give your room ambience the perfect punch of color variation, with the requisite styling with classy upright strands of colors cascading down your bed sheet. Observe how these radiant hues array down to create a perfect organized look for the perfect retreat, breaking the mono code of your dull abode.

Start a revelation as you revive the magic of everlasting enchantment of stripes making your space look enticing and elegant at the same time. Get clasped in the arms of comfort as you minds is blown away by the uniqueness of linear patterns,

Reasons Why You Should Have Thongs In Your Wardrobe

With all the numerous kinds of men’s underwear styles available for men in the brick-and-mortar shops or even at online stores today, it gets very difficult to choose any one out of so many. Some of the styles available are- men’s boxer briefs, men’s jockstraps, briefs, men’s thongs and more. It is very difficult to understand a specific style’s worth without wearing it and that is why this article talks about the reasons thongs should be there in your wardrobe.

While you plan on buying these undergarments, you should be pretty much aware of various types and categories available so that you can make the best choice. Hence if you are one of those who are not aware of categories should browse and get enlightened about them. Thongs for men being one of a kind that guys generally believe to be a women’s novelty, should learn about them before making any assumptions.

Let us look at the reasons for men’s thong underwear being necessary for the wardrobe.

Comfort: Regular thong wearers have stated many a time that this style is the most comfortable one in comparison to the others due to revealing features and lightweight,

5 Action Ideas to Procure the Best Anti Aging Skin Care Creams

Pollution, stress, hectic and unhealthy lifestyles as well as natural aging show their effects first on the skin. The skin starts to lose its elasticity, develops fine lines that turn into wrinkles and the pores enlarge. The skin is the largest organ of the body and is responsible for protecting as well as to remove toxins through sweat in addition to contributing to the looks. It is everyone’s responsibility and duty to care for the skin. Changing lifestyles and a healthy, balanced diet is essential but it is equally important to consider topical applications to arrest effects of aging and restore skin to its pristine glory. Creams and gels are best but which ones to use is the question that could perplex anyone wishing to arrest aging.

The market is flooded with dozens of creams that make some or other extravagant claims. Some are purely synthetic while some are a mix of synthetic and natural extracts. Natural creams are best but not all such creams are equal. Anyone looking for the most effective and best anti-aging wrinkle cream could keep in mind the following:

  1. Avoid

Some Facts and Occasions That Demand Designer Shoulder Bags for Women

Do you like carrying a duffel bag or a tote bag on your shoulder? Though these types of bags are very popular and people are often seen carrying them, you cannot just choose any of them over designer handbags. There are plenty of shoulder bags for women available in the market. However, picking out one amongst a wide collection of shopping bags is quite difficult for any women. Besides, a designer shoulder bag is an essential piece of luxurious accessories carried by women in parties or marriage functions along with their designer outfit.

A shoulder bag is a standout amongst the most cherished pieces in a lady’s outfit. With too much of space and being amazingly designed, you will definitely adore these shopping bags. So how do this sort of purses truly score? Why is a shoulder bag among the essential pieces of ladies’ wardrobe? Do have a look at the below facts:


A shoulder bag is one of the best supporters of multi-tasking by men and women. All ladies are experts at it, yet how would you do multiple things when you are grasping

How to Wear a Jumpsuit

Just like the maxi dress, the jumpsuit is a fabulous modest piece of clothing that covers your body from neck to toe! They’re currently in fashion, which means that dressing modestly and looking stylish aren’t too difficult.

What’s wonderful about the jumpsuit is it’s loose fit. The top part is usually worn loose and has a drawstring which means you can taper the jumpsuit to your waist. The pants come in a loose cut, and some are even flowy, like palazzos.

Jumpsuits are a perfect summer outfit, but they also transition well into Fall, since they can be dressed up and down, and can be layered regardless of the temperature. So here’s how to wear the jumpsuit; a stylish, yet modest piece!

Shirt Underneath

Just like the maxi dress, jumpsuits often come sleeveless or in short sleeves. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add sleeves! Pair your summer jumpsuit with a cotton t-shirt in any colour for a cool, effortless, laid-back look.

Or if you want to dress up your chiffon or silk jumpsuit, add an Oxford or button-down shirt for a more professional, polished look.

Either way, just make sure that

Makeup For Beginners Mascara For Your Eye Shape

Even though mascara is a staple for many makeup wearers, it’s one of the more misunderstood products in your kit. Mascara opens the eye to help you look more awake. Most think there is nothing to applying mascara—they swipe it on the lashes the same way, every time. But there are methods to apply it based on your eye shape that will transform your makeup into something that looks more polished and professional.

Every mascara application should start with these two easy steps:

Curl the lashes

Always begin with an eyelash curler. I like one with a silicone strip, like Kevyn Aucoin or Billy B Beauty. Gently press the band against the root of the lash and turn the curler until the curve is parallel to the crease of your eye. Press gently, release, and presto! This will give even the most stubborn lash a beautiful curl.

Basic mascara application

The next step is to apply your mascara at the root of the lash. My favorite trick is to bend the wand slightly to get right in to the base of the lash. Next, comb through the top lash, wiggling the wand gently

Prom Trends Fashion Tips

To look good and to feel good—is that too much to ask? On prom night? Well, actually to look smashing and sexy, chic and trendy, glamorous and comfortable—is that too much to ask? We think not! Prom night is your big night to shine as a young adult. And we agree that every detail matters. So focus on your body type, hair color, and unique attitude as you peruse our preview of the latest prom trends.

 Hollywood’s red carpet is a major influence this year. Celebrity-inspired prom trends long and short—dresses in smooth satin sheaths and Latin-styled trains and ruffles take center stage. Strapless and halter looks show off your elegant shoulders and neckline. Beads add pizzazz and are showing up everywhere. And watch for the long and classy one-shoulder formal gown. The one strap plays a major role adorned with crystals, sequins, or leather marking one of the biggest prom trends of the year.

 Mother Nature lends her bright spring colors and jewel tones for this year’s prom trends. Bright is the new black. It’s your night to shine, after all. Think pink if you want to show off

Blush 5 Ways Which Is Right for You

We like to think of blush as pretty foolproof. There’s no detail work to master, no lines to stay inside of, and it looks great on everyone. But we also think that there’s a little more to applying blush than just dusting it on. Carefully placed blush can manipulate the appearance of your face shape in sneaky ways, and without much effort (we’re not talking about those trendy seven layer step systems). Play around with the looks below to find what application meets your own beauty needs. The results may surprise you!

Center Blush

For those who wish to soften their bone structure or have a square-shaped jawline, this can be a game changer. Apply rounded bursts of blush to center of the cheek– right on the apple. It will have a rounding effect on your entire face. What’s more, center blush can have a widening effect on the eyes. Done correctly, you’ll look like a doll.

Lower Blush

If your face features a long or prominent chin, you can even things out by placing your blush just below the apples of your cheeks– over the bone. This creates the subtle illusion that the

Perking Up Hand-Me-Downs

Whether it’s something you’re given or a garment that ends up in your closet mysteriously, hand-me-downs can be amazing additions to update your wardrobe.

How do you wear it without becoming a fashion “don’t”? Read on for tips for putting new life into old clothes. Don’t know basic sewing? Ask your mom or older sister to help you learn the skill!

Change the Buttons

Sometimes a new look is as simple as changing up the accessories. New buttons will give a hand-me-down new energy. Add a pop of color with contrasting buttons or add some sparkle with shiny buttons. Just be sure the buttons are the right size so the buttons still work in the holes. And for a no-sew update, attach rhinestones to the current buttons.

 Layer, Layer, Layer

Here’s a no-cost way to make a big difference: Wear multiple pieces on top of each other. Each layer can have a different function from warmth to visual fashion interest. Add a vest to a shirt or put a jacket over a dress. Put on some colorful leggings